Museum Design Competition for all students of B.Arch, B.plan, Interior Design, Product design and other design and animation courses

The Himachal Museum

The Himachal museum is a grand platform to showcase the art, culture, history and all the mythological richness associated with the region of Himachal Pradesh. The building should express an idea or a thought through its form and spatial narrative. The museum should not only display the exhibits merely to be looked upon but should make the ‘museum goer’ feel and experience them. People should go there to come back with a rich and wholesome experience to form a memory that should stay with them for a lifetime.

The museum should house the following functions and facilities –

  • General Public

Café Kitchen

  • Curatorial

Orientation Gallery

  • Community Meeting (rental) / Education

Multipurpose Room/ Lecture
Kitchen (catering)                    
Conference Room

  • Preparation and Storage

Clean Preparation
Messy Preparation/ Workshop
Prep Office
Shipping and Receiving                     
Collections Research

  • Administration

Director’s office
Curator’s Office
Assistant Curator
Open Workstations                  
Server / Tech Room
Volunteers Room
Staff Lounge

  • Services

Public Washrooms

Staff WC + Showers                       

Janitors’ Closet                                     

Mechanical Room

  • Preparation and Storage

The site is situated in the lap of the lower Himalayas in Kangra, right next to the Kangra Fort.

Submission requirements - We don’t want a tall heap of sheets and drawings.  So, we are asking you to send us an email with just your drawings and sketches with suitable text and explanations that explain your design and ideas well.

The sheet size should be A2 (landscape).
Please note that all your sheets should be in PDF format.
Please do not send more than 6 sheets.

Feel free to use any medium – drawings can be digital or hand drawn (scanned) but please make them with all your heart so that we look at them and say, “Yes! They are really something to look at!”

Evaluation criteria

All entries would be evaluated keeping the following points in mind –

  • Concept.
  • Originality, imagination and unconventional design.
  • Design process and evolution of the design.
  • Marking would be split in three parts, as
  • 70% for the idea
  • 20% for presentation
  • 10% for write up.



First prize –certificate and trophy

One Honourable mention + certificate

Important Dates

Regular registration – 28th July, 2016 to 30th October, 2016

Last date of registration – 31st October, 2016

Last date for submission – 15th November, 2016

Results – 15th December, 2016

Registration Fee

Indian Nationals –