In a parallel universe, Salvador Dali has, the great surreal artist, the ‘savour of paintings’ has risen from the dead today. He  has crept out of his grave and he is not happy to see anything around him at all. The world and the future did not turn out how he had imagined it. He is upset to see the cold and emotionless steel and glass buildings everywhere! He is so upset that his pointed moustaches are sizzling and quivering with fury. He wants to ‘re-do’ the whole world and wants a team of architects and artists to work with him.

He wants to start re-building the world and wants to make a new house himself as the first step.

The idea here for this competition is to design a house for Dali, anywhere in the world (at the site of your choice) with the kind of art philosophies that he believed in.

The house should have the following spaces –

    • 1 bed room
    • Kitchen
    • Dining space
    • 2 Guest rooms
    • 1 studio
    • And everything that you think should be there in his house

Submission requirements  Upload your submission as a PDF (with all your sheets and presentation in it). The size of the PDF should not be more than 15MB.

            • No submission should exceed 15 MB in size.
            • You can use any sheet size.
            • Please note that all your sheets should be in PDF or JPEG format
            • Please do not send more than 5 sheets.
            • Feel free to use any medium – drawings can be digital or hand drawn (scanned) but please make them with all your heart so that we look at them and say, “Yes! These drawings are really something to look at!”

Evaluation criteria

All entries would be evaluated keeping the following points in mind –

    • Originality, imagination and unconventional design.
    • Concept
    • Design process and evolution of design.
    • Marking would be split as – 20% for the idea, 50% for design process and evolution, 20% for presentation and 10% for write up.


Cash + Certificate

1st Prize – Rs 20,000

2nd Prize – Rs 12,000

3rd Prize – 5,000

Important Dates

Registration begins – 1st July 2019

Last date of registration – 31st Dec 2019

Last date of submission – 31st Dec 2019

Registration Fee

Category 1 – 1st & 2nd Year

Category 2 – 3rd, 4th & 5th Year

Registration Fee (International Students)

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