About us

We are a group of students and professionals from various fields of art and design who believe that our classrooms and studios can be spiced up a little to make them more interesting. We are concerned about the current generation of students of fine arts and design who end up suppressing their creative talent and talent in the race for marks and jobs. We want to give you a free space to manifest your creativity without any fear or inhibition and let your imagination fly. We want to promote the idea of freedom of expression and thought in art and design. We want you to discover your real potential!

Our Aim

We have observed that the quality of output has taken a nose dive in almost all the creative fields, be it architecture, design, writing or film making. The culture of ‘copy-paste’ is at an all time high. Our aim is to pump originality, imagination and creativity back into the system by encouraging the next generation of artists and designers to think freely and originally and experience the real thrill and fun involved in a creative process.